Screenplay Finalists

Congratulations to the screenplay semi-finalists for the 2021 Omaha Film Festival.

Finalists will be announced in early February.

Feature Length Scripts:

Riding Shotgun by Nafi Ayvaci
Philip Glass, Philip Glass by Martin Barshai
Land of Light by Nicholas Batchelder
Swank’s! by Ed Bookman
Action Figures by Russell Coos
Macho Man Route 2 by Bethany DeCarolis
Days in the Wake by Dina Fiasconaro
Sixgun Saint by Warren Lane
Harveybrook, Alaska by Trevor R Lawrence
Instead of God by Tom McCown
The Whirligig Beetle by Chuck Mittan
Refuge Nation by Brigitte Timmerman
Cactus Junction by Philip C. Sedgwick
One Man Army by Lawrence Whitener
The Leave-Takers by Steven Wingate

Short Scripts (under 30 pages):

Come as You Are by Daisy Friedman
A Trespasser on Rancho Rivera by Douglas Harms, Joe D’Leon
Addie and the Lightning Bugs by Alexander Jeffery, Paul Petersen
Come Along, Harry Higgins by Kevin Machate
As Time Goes By by John Martins III
Containment by Lennon McGuigan, Christine Burright
Millicent by Dennis Ostermaier
Damned If You Do by Liz Renner
Cairns by Samantha Soule
Boundaries by Jake Teeny
The Body of Chris by Erin Brown Thomas
Frostbite by Sarah Wharton
The Break-App by Alison Zatta


Case. Dismissed. by Michael Brewer
High Achievers by Chelsea Bunn
Family Politics by Arielle Haller-Silverstone
Second Crossing by James Howells
Will and Grace: “A Bottle, Brunch, and a Bad Boy Neighbor” by CJ Minifee
Be Here Now by Katie Micay
Grace in the Clutch by Addie Talbott
The Lighthouse by Daniel Talbott

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