To celebrate the craft of screenwriting, the Omaha Film Festival is thrilled to present the 2019 Writer’s Theatre.

The Writer’s Theatre will take place at the College of Saint Mary
on Saturday, March 9 from 2:00pm – 4:00pm

College of Saint Mary, Gross Auditorium – 7000 Mercy Road

See schedule for more details!

DON’T GO THERE by Jeffrey R Field (Feature Screenplay)
Directed by Christina Rohling

A housebound senior struggles to stay alive when a mass murderer takes refuge in her home on the coldest night in eighty years.

EATS YOU ALIVE by Zack Eagles (Feature Screenplay)
Directed by Laura Kendall

A man in the post-apocalypse comes face to face with the beings who destroyed the world.

MISS ME WHEN I’M GONE by Matthew Gomez (Feature Screenplay)
Directed by Aaron Sailors

The mother and brother of a man who has committed suicide spend the next seven days searching for a location to host his Celebration of Life ceremony in Omaha, Nebraska.

HOOSIER DADDY by Jeffrey R Field (Feature Screenplay)
Directed by David M. Weiss

After accidentally destroying his future father-in-law’s prized autographed basketball, a hapless college student and his slacker buddy have one week to re-gather the signatures of the 1976 Indiana University basketball team.

MYOSOTIS LOVE by Charlie LaTourette (Short Screenplay)
Directed by Christina Rohling

A woman plants flowers in the garden and challenges her husband to remember how they met.

HOME by Katie Micay (Short Screenplay)
Directed by Jason Levering

Megan, who suffers from agoraphobia, is alone for her first holidays since her wife moved out. Sydney, a young widower, has been living in her car outside Megan’s house since she lost her apartment. When Sydney knocks on Megan’s door to sell her makeup, the two only see each other’s differences. But after a scary incident forces Megan out of her house to come to Sydney’s aid, they realize that they are two lonely souls with more in common than they first thought.

PANCAKE SKANK by Savannah Rodgers (Short Screenplay)
Directed by Laura Kendall

Pancake Skank is a surrealist, satirical comedy about our titular anti-heroine and her unlikely partner-in-crime, Lover Boi, as they wreak havoc on a small town and its breakfast joints.

HEAD ON by Christine Burright McGuigan (Short Screenplay)
Directed by Aaron Sailor

Two people meet under unusual circumstances.

THE SYNDICATE by Peter Jang (Teleplay)
Directed by David M. Weiss

After a child sees his parents brutally murdered, his dad’s police partner, connected to a covert organization known as The Syndicate, turns him into a one-man killing machine, primed to take out those who took his parents’ lives.

by Darcy Lueking Bahensky (Teleplay)
Directed by Jason Levering

A fed-up LA mom relocates her family to Nebraska, but she quickly learns that parenting in a flyover state has its own rules.

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