MovieMaker | Omaha Film Festival 2017: 13 Reasons Why This Midwest Festival is Never Middle of The Pack

Awesome article by Molly Hermann, director of OFF’17 documentary “Written OFF,” in the MovieMaker magazine!

As a veteran of one sweep around the festival circuit, I’ve been to some wonderful festivals… and a few that were no fun.

Let me draw an analogy: I frequently work in the developing world, and have a rating system for bathrooms—starting with one (hole in the ground) and building up to a 13 (Heathrow Airport restrooms with the rotating plastic wrap). Each additional amenity (walls, a toilet, a seat, a door, a lock on the door, a light, a sink, soap, no flies, paper products, a trashcan, a flush, a mirror…) adds to the number.

The list of things that good film festivals do right is just as concrete. Omaha Film Festival—which I attended this spring with co-producer/DP Rob Lyall, with our feature documentary about the opioid crisis, Written Off—gets my highest rating. Here’s why: