2017 48hr Film Challenge

Congratulations to ALL of the participating filmmakers for this year’s 48hr Filmmaking Challenge. We screened 28 fabulous films and the Q&A session afterward was a blast!

Here’s the list of prize winners for the evening:

For the Student category:
Most Creative Use of Required Line of Dialog
-The Quadratic Killer
Most Creative Use of Required Prop
-The Quadratic Killer
Best Cinematography
2nd Runner Up
1st Runner Up
-Out Loud
Best Film
-The Quadratic Killer

In the open category:
Most Creative Use of Required Line of Dialog
Most Creative Use of Required Prop
-The Legend of Wolfe Canyon
Best Cinematography
-One for the Books
2nd Runner Up
-One for the Books
1st Runner Up
-The Legend of Wolfe Canyon
Best Film

Thanks to all of the filmmakers and their cast and crews and thanks to everyone that came out and enjoyed a wonderful night of film and supporting our local creatives! #OFF48

Here’s the screening order for the films. The first nine films are student shorts.

The Wrath of Math directed by Erin Mosier – 3:48 – comedy
The Shape directed by Nathan Blizzard – 5:00 – comedy
The Star of Humanity directed by Hailee Camacho – 3:56 – sci-fi
Family Mystery directed by Simon Guthrie – 4:47 – crime
Outbreak directed by Gabby Push & Jaimee Jindra – 4:04 – sci-fi
Serum directed by Gavin Lake – 3:40 – sci-fi
Out Loud directed by Amiya Johnson – 2:13 – drama
Shell directed by Julian Hock-Beaty – 4:33 – crime
The Quadratic Killer directed by Toaster Productions – 5:00 – thriller

73 directed by Marjorie Sturgeon – 4:11 – comedy
All Who Wander directed by Emma Hoffman – 4:48 – drama
Bruce Unboxed directed by Tony Bonacci – 5:00 – comedy
Yard Work directed by Athena Neville – 4:06 – comedy
Clarity directed by Mike Lucas – 2:37 – thriller
Copilot directed by Myrddin McHugh – 4:56 – drama
Cosmic Justice directed by Mason Shumaker – 3:46 – sci-fi
Happy Birthday directed by Amanda Christi & Andrew Swenson – 4:25 – crime
We’ll Be Right Back directed by John Gutowski – 3:28 – comedy
Kill the Lights directed by Zach Bock – 2:17 – thriller
One for the Books directed by Savannah Rodgers – 3:23 – crime
One Last Code directed by Jordan Rivera – 5:00 – drama
cmd:run_ directed by Levi Peters – 3:20 – sci-fi
Package Deal directed by Brigitte Timmerman & Tim Barr – 4:50 – sci-fi
Ration directed by Christopher “Panda” Marshall – 4:55 – thriller
The Escape directed by Jerred Zegelis – 4:59 – thriller
The Island Counter directed by Ian Snyder – 5:00 – comedy
Voicemail directed by James Zueben – 4:39 – crime
The Legend of Wolfe Canyon directed by Sam Senser – 3:30 – thriller

Screening will be held at
Marcus Village Pointe Cinema
304 North 174th Street
starting at 6:30pm in theatre #16
Followed by a filmmaker Q&A and Awards

Genres: Drama, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Crime
Line of Dialog: “it’s never been more clear”
Prop: Calculator

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your cameras! The Omaha Film Festival is hosting a 48 Hour Film Challenge to spark creativity and collaboration among local creatives. Participants will be given 48 hours to write, shoot, edit, and deliver a film under 5 minutes in length.

The 48 Hour Challenge will commence on Friday, September 15th at 6:00pm at the Image Arts Building on 2626 Harney Street. Genres will be drawn at 7:00pm!

Not a filmmaker? That’s okay! The challenge is open to all levels and we want to see what you can do! Need to work on your writing and filmmaking skills before the challenge? Check out our Cinematography, Audio, and Screenwriting Workshops. All are welcome! Each workshop is designed so that any first-timer will get a lot out of it, but if you’re a seasoned filmmaker you’ll learn valuable insights as well.

Cinematography Workshop Facebook Event Page – August 27
Audio Workshop Facebook Event Page – September 10
Screenwriting Workshop Facebook Event Page – September 10

Films will be due back to festival staff at the same address on Sunday, September 17th by 7:00pm. Final delivery will be an H.264 file and we’ll be ready with computers to capture the files if you bring them in on a flash drive or a disc. Festival staff will be available between 3:00pm and 7:00pm to receive the films.

All films will be screened at the Village Pointe Cinema on Wednesday, September 27th and prizes will be awarded. Check our site for times.

Filmmakers can register for the 48 Hour Film Challenge here.

Pre-registration is $20 per team.
High School student pre-registration is $15 per team (student ID required at check-in).
Registration the day of the Challenge launch (September 15) is $25 per team.

So here’s how it works:
Start putting your team together now! Actors, writers, filmmakers…get ready! Send at least one representative to the event on Friday, September 15th where the rules will be announced and your film packets will be distributed. Within that packet of info you will be given three required challenges:

1. You will be given a genre.
2. You will be given a line of dialog that must be in the film.
3. You will be given a prop requirement that must be used in the film.

There’s no age limit on the filmmakers!
Don’t have a team? Come out to the launch and find a group to join!

Over $2000 in prizes will be awarded to winning filmmakers in both the student and open categories.

Prize awarded for:
Best Film
1st Runner Up
2nd Runner Up
Best Cinematography
Most Creative Use of Required Prop
Most Creative Use of Required Line of Dialog

Prize winners will be announced at the screening
Please direct questions about the 48 Hour Film Challenge to off48hr@gmail.com.

For more info visit our Facebook Event page:
48hr Film Challenge Facebook Event Page

– A member of your team must be present at the Challenge Launch to receive your challenge packet.
– Entry Fees can be paid by check to “Omaha Film Festival” or by cash or credit card at the time of the launch.
– Each entry must be a separate submission – you must include registration form and payment for each submission.
– Challenge Launch will commence at 6:00pm on Friday, September 15, 2017 at the Image Arts Building – 2626 Harney Street – Omaha NE 68131.
– You must complete all of the mandatory challenges (genre, line of dialog, prop).
– All submissions must be delivered via drive or data disc along with the FILM INFORMATION FORM.
– Acceptable format for submission is H.264 digital file.
– Submissions must be received by 7:00pm on Sunday, September 17, 2017 – Festival staff will be available at the office between 3:00pm and 7:00pm on Sunday to receive submissions.
– All films that are not in English must have English language subtitles.
– Only submissions with completed REGISTRATION FORM, FILM INFORMATION FORM, and paid entry fees will be accepted.
– Films must be no longer than 5 minutes in length (including credits).
– To be eligible, the film cannot have a public screening locally prior to the Film Challenge Screening date. We ask that your film not be viewable in its entirety online on sites like YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook before the Film Challenge Screening. Trailers or clips from the film are acceptable.
– Releases for locations, music, and talent must be obtained by the submitting filmmaker. The Omaha Film Festival is not liable for copyright infringement or unauthorized use.
– The Omaha Film Festival does not assume any liability for damage to films, videos, or publicity materials.

Challenge Launch and Delivery Address: 2626 Harney Street – Omaha, NE 68131