Results from the 2017 OFF


Best Nebraska Screenplay – “The Keeper Beauchamp” by Michael Comstock
Best Short Screenplay – “Summer Fruit” by Annalise Lamberty
Best Feature Screenplay – “Dietrich Danzig” by John Pisano-Thomsen


Jury Prizes:

Best Animated Short Film – “Post No Bills” by Robin Hays, Andy Poon
Animated Short Film Honorable Mention – “Green Light” by Seongmin Kim
Best Nebraska Short Film – “The Quest for Excalispoon” by Sam Senser, Thomas Johnson
Best Nebraska Short Film Honorable Mention – “Spelling Bee” by Dominic Cilfalo
Best Nebraska Short Documentary – “Missing Piece” by Tim Guthrie
Best Short Film – “A Beautiful Day” by Phedon Papamichael
Short Film Honorable Mention – “The Firefly Girls” by Katie Micay
Best Documentary – “Written Off” by Molly Hermann
Documentary Honorable Mention – “Supergirl” by Jessie Auritt
Best Feature Film – “Dave Made a Maze” by Bill Watterson
Feature Film Honorable Mention – “Diani & Devine Meet the Apocalypse” by Gabe Diani, Etta Devine

Audience Choice Awards:

Audience Choice Short Film – “Missing Piece” by Tim Guthrie
Audience Choice Documentary – “Walk With Me: The Trials of Damon J. Keith” by Jesse Nesser
Audience Choice Feature Film – “Girl Flu.” by Dorie Barton