Results from the 2014 OFF


Best Nebraska Screenplay – “My Father’s Arms” by Mark Hoeger & Will Rolofson

Best Short Screenplay – “Leaving Kansas” by Chuck Mittan

Best Feature Screenplay – “Crossings” by Fred Perry


Jury Prizes:

Best Animated Short Film – “The Gallant Captain” directed by Katrina Mathers & Graeme Base

Animated Short Film Honorable Mention – “Woody” directed by Stuart Bowen

Best Nebraska Short Film – “Applesauce” directed by Nathan Hansen

Best Nebraska Short Film Honorable Mention – “The Cursed Columnist” directed by Drew Conley

Best Short Film – “Distance” directed by Aimee Long

Short Film Honorable Mention – “Hero Pose” directed by Mischa Jakupcak

Best OFF the EDGE Film – “Blood Punch” directed by Madellaine Paxson

OFF the EDGE Honorable Mention – “Oltre il Guado (Across the River)” directed by Lorenzo Bianchini

Best Documentary – “Lion Ark” directed by Tim Phillips

Documentary Honorable Mention – “Watchers of the Sky” directed by Edet Belzberg

Best Feature Film – “Druid Peak” directed by Marni Zelnick

Feature Film Honorable Mention – “Warren” directed by Alex Beh

Award for Best Cinematography for a Nebraska Short – Dylan Adams for “Hedron”

Audience Choice Awards:

Audience Choice Short Film – “Fool’s Day” directed by Cody Snider

Audience Choice Documentary – “Little Hope was Arson” directed by Theo Love

Audience Choice Feature Film – “The Retrieval” directed by Chris Eska