Results from the 2013 OFF


Best Nebraska Screenplay – “The Important Man” by Colleen Schukei & Heather Petersen
Best Feature Screenplay – “The Badminton Warrior” by Tom Radovich
Best Short Screenplay – “The Boy” by Eric Hunsley


Jury Prizes:

Best Animated Short Film – “Fear of Flying” directed by Conor Finnegan
Animated Short Film Honorable Mention – “Head Over Heels” directed by Timothy Reckart

Best Nebraska Short Film – “Lucid” directed by Josh Land
Nebraska Short Film Honorable Mention – “Haiti: Real Change” directed by David M. Weiss

Best Short Film – “The Distance Between” directed by Emily Ting
Short Film Honorable Mention – “Picture. Perfect.” directed by Winston Titus Tao

Best OFF the Edge Film – “Sparks” directed by Christopher Folino and Todd Burrows
OFF the Edge Honorable Mention – “Year of the Living Dead” directed by Rob Kuhns

Best Documentary – “La Source” directed by Patrick Shen
Documentary Honorable Mention – “Heartland: A Portrait of Survival” directed by Erica Tremblay

Best Feature Film – “One Small Hitch” directed by John Burgess
Feature Film Honorable Mention – “As High as the Sky” directed by Nikki Braendlin

Death Grip Electric Award for Killer Cinematography presented to a Nebraska Short: “Ghost Light” – cinematographer Robert Jensen

Audience Choice Awards:

Audience Choice Short Film – “Boo!” directed by Rupert Reid
Audience Choice Documentary – “Honor Flight” directed by Dan Hayes
Audience Choice Feature Film – “The Story of Luke” directed by Alonso Mayo