Results from the 2012 OFF


Best Nebraska Screenplay – “Deer Killer” written by Chuck Mittan
Best Feature Screenplay – “k i luv u bye” written by Nicolaas Bertelsen & Carolyn Stephenson
Best Short Screenplay – “Becoming Lana Liu” David J. Schroeder


Jury Prizes:

Best Animated Short Film – “Nullarbor” directed by Alistair Lockhart & Patrick Sarell
Animated Short Film Honorable Mention – “The Boy in the Bubble” directed by Kaelan O’Rourke

Best Nebraska Short Film – “The Fixer” directed by Aaron Zavitz
Nebraska Short Film Honorable Mention – “Voluntary Gestures” directed by Stefan Morel

Best Short Film – “First Kiss” directed by Charles Hood
Short Film Honorable Mention – “Friend Request Pending” directed by Chris Faggin

Best OFF the Edge Film – “Nailbiter” directed by Patrick Rea
OFF the Edge Honorable Mention – “Underground” directed by Rafael Eisenman

Best Documentary – “Andrew Bird: Fever Year” directed by Xan Aranda
Documentary Honorable Mention – “Give a Damn?” Directed by Dan Parris

Best Feature Film – “6 Month Rule” Directed by Blayne Weaver
Feature Film Honorable Mention – “Take Me Home” directed by Sam Jaeger

Feature Film Honorable Mention – “A Schizophrenic Love Story” directed by Dylan Thomas Ellis & Glenn D. Levy

Death Grip Electric Award for Killer Cinematography presented to a Nebraska Short – “The Fixer” – cinematographer Aaron Zavitz

Audience Choice Awards:

Audience Choice Short Film – “Voluntary Gestures” directed by Stefan Morel
Audience Choice Documentary – “The Girls in the Band” directed by Judy Chaikin
Audience Choice Feature Film – “October Baby” directed by Andrew & Jon Erwin

OFF’12 Encore Award: “Renee” directed by Nathan Frankowsk

The Reader | “Short and Sweet”

Here’s an article from Michael J. Krainak about the Nebraska’s short film makers:

The seventh annual Omaha Film Festival opens this week at Great Escape Theatres with a well-earned reputation as one of Movie Maker’s Top 25 Film Festivals worth the Entry Fee. It’s a reputation one group of entrants, the Nebraska Short Film Makers especially appreciate as many of these emerging artists launch their careers in this five-day event ending this Sunday, Mar. 11

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